COVID-19 Resources for the Card Industry

Below are some resources that members of the card industry may find useful as you navigate through this COVID-19 environment.


Cards in the Time of Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused huge disruptions in all aspects of global life, including the transaction card industry. It is likely that, until an effective vaccine and/or herd immunity have been developed, these disruptions will continue.

ICMA’s webcast addressed how the card industry can adapt to the “new normal” of social distancing while continuing to protect its employees, adjust its supply chains, adapt its product offerings and serve and support its customers.

A panel of card industry companies discuss alternative strategies in each of these areas, as well as offer insights into projections these changes may have on the industry.

Moderator: David Tushie, ICMA Standards Representative, Magellan Consulting

  1. Michael Dorner, CEO, Variuscard
  2. Jack Jania, VP, Product Management and Innovation, CPI Card Group
  3. John Schneiderhan, Product Manager, Cards & Graphics Americas, Klöckner Pentaplast
  4. Keith Yeates, CEO, Bristol ID Technologies


COVID-19 Magnifies Benefits of Smart Factories for Card Manufacturers

Card manufacturers adopting software and hardware advancements are benefiting from more productive factories, better quality products and overall production cost reductions. Those introducing new technologies onto the plant floor are also gaining a competitive edge, especially as businesses across the world navigate the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on manufacturing operations. Read More

ICMA Members Transform Manufacturing to Combat COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world in unprecedented ways, the need for protective equipment is on the rise for health care professionals and essential workers. To help, many manufacturers are identifying creative ways to produce much needed supplies, and some have even shifted entirely to pandemic operations. Read More

Will COVID-19 Spur a Rise in Contactless Gift Cards?

Amid COVID-19, many small- to medium-sized businesses have found a way to secure cash flow while adhering to social distancing guidelines that have been put in place to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Businesses are asking customers to support them by purchasing gift cards now for redemption when recovery comes. Millions of Americans have stepped up to make that investment, helping local merchants make it through the pandemic. Read More

COVID-19 Boosts Demand for Contactless Cards

The past decade spearheaded a revolution in payment methods and form factors around the globe, from digital wallets like Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay and Google Pay™, to contactless wearables and payment objects. Now, years in the making, the U.S. card market is finally ripe for contactless payments and widespread adoption may ramp up as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Amid COVID-19, Automation Benefits Card Manufacturers

Automation improvements in card manufacturing technology and equipment have made factories more productive than ever, increasing throughput, reducing waste and expanding the flexibility of the production floor. The smartification of manufacturing will continue to improve factory production and increase the need for tech-savvy workers. And it is paying dividends in the era of COVID-19. Read More