Green Task Force

In order to address the need for a green standard in card products, ICMA established the Green Task Force (GTF). The GTF has formed two working groups to address eco-labeling for cards and a green factory credential program.

EcoLabel Program Working Group

This group introduced an industry-specific system of eco-labeling for cards. This enables licensed members to validate that their cards meet specific green standards set by an unbiased third party. Issues such as what the word “green” means to the industry, how to communicate the benefits of environmentally responsible products to the consumer and other energy factors are addressed by the GTF. The EcoLabel Standard Program was launched in 2010 and licensed manufacturers are using the EcoLabel in the marketplace.

Greening the Factory Working Group

ICMA is working on another phase of the Green Task Force, “Greening of the Factory,” with the purpose to develop an ICMA green factory credential program based on existing industry procedures, current ISO specifications and best practices. The program will be available to ICMA members and will be the industry’s “green” card manufacturing endorsement. Card manufacturers, equipment and material suppliers, card issuers, consultants and service providers as well as other industry stakeholders developed this draft mission statement for this Task Force: “ICMA endeavors to provide educational resources, as well as meaningful and understandable criteria for self-assessment of green factory environments supported by the card industry.”

If you would like to be a part of the GTF as part of the EcoLabel or Greening of the Factory working groups, please contact ICMA headquarters at