ICMA Card Industry Training & Education (CITE) Program

Introducing the ICMA Card Industry Training & Education (CITE) Program

Take advantage of this great member benefit – a training tool for your full staff!

In an effort to bring education to a greater audience within ICMA member companies, we are pleased to offer the CITE program. This program gives individuals — whether new to the industry, or who have limited exposure to the full breadth of the industry a basic understanding of the history, breadth and technologies involved in the global plastic card industry, including sections on general card manufacturing, personalization and applications technology.

The convenient online CITE Training program provides a comprehensive overview of the card manufacturing industry and processes, and each section contains a self-test at the end of the topic, immediately revealing answers as correct or not when you hit "Submit". If incorrect, the correct answer will be shown.

Going through the Training module is complimentary as a part of your ICMA membership! But a Recognition Level is also Offered. Read on…

While ICMA members can go through the training module at no charge, we have also added a Certificate level to this Training program. Anyone who wants validation or recognition of passing an Exam following the CITE program, has the option to pay a $50 fee, take an online exam and become a CITE Certificate holder if you receive a passing score. This is a great way for employees to earn recognition in all areas of your card manufacturing or personalization facility.  

To take the training, click here to go to the ICMA Training website.   

If you need assistance signing in, please contact ICMA Headquarters.


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