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Corporate Members:

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Principal Members: Card Manufacturers – companies whose primary business is manufacturing but may also do personalization.

ABCorp Canada, Canada
ABCorp North America, USA
ABCorp Corporate Headquarters, USA
ABCorp Group (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Australia
ABCorp CardPro China Limited, China
ANY Biztonsagi Nyomda Nyrt , Hungary
Allcard Limited, Canada
Allegheny Printed Plastics, USA
Allpay Limited, UK
Allsafe Technologies, Inc., USA
AMF Medios Transaccionales, Chile
Argo Card, Poland
Arroweye Solutions, USA
Austria Card, Austria
BioSmart, Korea
Bristol ID Technologies, USA
Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Germany
CardLogix, USA
CardMX, Mexico
Cardstel Solutions Limited, Nigeria
Cardtek (Identimax S.A.), Argentina
CheckPoint Card Technology LLC, USA

Colourfast Secure Card Technology,Canada
ComCard GmbH, Germany
Company Cards Ltd, UK
CompoSecure L.L.C., USA
CPI Card Group, Canada
CPI Card Group Colchester, UK
CPI Card Group Colorado, USA
CPI Card Group Indiana, USA
CPI Card Group Liverpool, UK
CPI Card Group Minnesota, USA
CPI Card Group Nevada, USA
Diamond Graphics, Inc., USA
dz card (Thailand) Ltd., Thailand
E-Kart Elektronik Kart Sistemleri, Turkey
Eastcompeace Technology Co., Ltd, China
Essentra, USA
Federal Card Services, LLC, USA
Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd, China
Fiserv – Nashville, USA
FiTeq, Inc., USA
FNMT – RCM, Spain
Gemalto (FormerlyTrüb AG), Switzerland
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Germany
Giesecke & Devrient, Canada
Giesecke & Devrient America, Inc., USA
Goldpac Secur-Card Ltd., China
Guangdong Chutian Dragon Smart Card Co., Ltd, China
GyD Iberica, S.A., Spain
HID Global Corporation, USA
HID Global Rastede GmbH. Germany
Huangshi G&D Wanda Security Card, Ltd, China
Impact Innovations Inc., USA
IRIS Corporation Berhad, Malaysia
Johnson Business Machines Inc., USA
Jordan Star for Security Printing, Jordan
Lucas Color Card, USA

Madras Security Printers Private Limited, India
Marketing Card Technology, USA
Masria Card, Egypt
McCoyz Graphics, LLC, USA
Meyers, USA
Morpho Trust, USA
MPS-Chicago, USA
NewBold Corporation, USA
Nexqo Technology Co. Ltd., China
Nitecrest, Ltd, UK
Oberthur, USA
PAV CARD GmbH, Germany
Perfect Plastic Printing Corp., USA
Permalith Plastics, USA
PGP Group, China
Placard Pty. Ltd., Australia
Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd., Ukraine
Plasticard-Locktech International, USA
Police & Sheriffs, Press, USA
Polly-Service, Ltd., Ukraine
Production Services Associates (PSA), USA
Protec Secure Card DBA PSC, USA
Publicenter, Italy
Qartis S.A., Poland
Quatro Card Technology, Canada
Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
SecureID Ltd., Nigeria
Shanghai HuaYuan Electronic Co., Ltd, China
Siepmanns Card Systems Pvt. Ltd., India
Smartstripe Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore
Sterling Card Solutions, USA
Sumavision Smart Card Co., Ltd, China
Tag Systems SA, Principality of Andorra
Taiwan Name Plate Co., Ltd., Taiwan
Teraco, Inc., USA
Thomas Greg & Sons De Colombia, S.A., Columbia
Thomas Greg & Sons, Brazil
Thomas Greg & Sons, Venezuela
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd, Japan
Travel Tags, USA
Ubivelox, South Korea
Unitec Blue, S.A., Argentina
Valerian Technologies, USA

Variuscard GmbH, Austria
Valid– Argentina, Argentina
Valid Brazil – Barueri Plant ,Brazil
Valid- Espanna, Spain
Valid Brazil – Sorocaba Plant, Brazil
Valid USA – Katrine Plant,USA
Valid USA – NJ Plant,USA
Valid USA – Thatcher Plant,USA
Workz Group, UAE

Personalizer Members: Companies or issuing organizations engaged in the complete personalization of already manufactured cards

Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd., Canada
CPS Cards, USA
ECS Ltd., Kenya

EFT Source, USA
First Data, USA
Pittsburgh Embossing Services, Inc., USA
Swiss Post Solutions GmbH, Germany

Associate Members: Suppliers of products, equipment or services to card manufacturers

Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Belguim
AIP&P (Plates & Pads), Canada
Apollo Colours Ltd., UK
Apollo Colours North America, Canada
Arrow Inks, USA
Atlantic Zeiser GmbH, Germany
Barnes International Limited, UK
Bell and Howell, USA
BG Ingenierie, France
Bilcare Research Srl, Italy
Blumer Maschinenbau AG, Switzerland
Bürkle GmbH, Germany
Buskro, Ltd., Canada
Cardmatix Ltd., China
CET Films, USA
Changzhou Bbetterfilm Technologies Co., Ltd, China
CIM, Italy
Covestro, Germany

Crown Roll Leaf, Inc., USA
CPPC Public Company Limited, Thailand
C.T. Lay Pre-Striped Overlay, Italy
Data Systems Company, Inc., USA
Dexerials Corporation, Japan

DuPont Teijin Films, UK
Entrust Datacard, USA
Folienwerk WOLFEN GmbH, Germany
Functional Materials Group, Inc., USA
Gans Ink & Supply Company, USA
Graph-Tech USA LLC, USA
GreenCorp Magnetics Pty Ltd., Australia
HP Inc., USA
H.W. Sands Corp., USA
IBI Armored Services, USA
ITW Card Technologies (CFC), USA
Johnson Electric, UK
Kappus Plastic Company, Inc.
KBA-MePrint AG, Germany
Klöckner Pentaplast, Germany
Klöckner Pentaplast of America, Inc., USA

Kurz Group, Germany
Lauffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Malca-Amit Commodities Limited, UK
Mathias Die Company/Qualitek, USA
Matica Technologies, USA
Melzer maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Mühlbauer Inc, USA
Mulann, France
NBS Technologies Inc., Canada
Oasys Technologies Limited, UK
OpSec Security, Inc., USA
Otto Kuennecke GmbH, Germany
Pack-Smart Inc., Canada
PPG Industries, Inc. USA
Prime Factors, Inc., USA
Printcolor Screen Ltd, Switzerland
Pure Continental Ltd., Hong Kong
Q-Card, USA
Rowland Technologies, Inc., USA
ruhlamat GmbH, Germany
SES RFID Solutions, Germany
Shanghai Lijin Information Technology Co., China
SICPA Securink Corporation, USA
SKC, Inc., USA
Spartanics Ltd., USA
Sun Chemical, USA
Superior Tape & Label, USA
Sylvester Products, USA
Tesa Tape, Inc., USA
TechTrex Inc., Canada
Tianjin Boyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. China

TMP, A Division of French, USA
Transilwrap Company, Inc., USA
UTAC, Singapore
VFP Ink, France
VTT GmbH, Germany
Wiman Corporation, USA

Manufacturer Representative/Sales Agent: Companies that act as sales agents for products to the industry

Advanced Card Systems and Solutions, Inc., USA
ARE CON GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
ART-Line Projekt GmbH, Germany
Caxton Mark, Inc., Canada

Emperortech – Emperor Global Resources LLC, USA
Hedpes, LLC, Poland
SIS Software and Services Ltd, Serbia

Smartcard Supplier, Brazil
Consulting Members: Companies or individuals whose primary business is to provide consulting services in the card industry.

ACT Canada, Canada
Asia Pacific Smart Card Association, Hong Kong
COCASO, Germany
E4 Security Consulting, LLC, USA

Exponent, Inc., USA
Hotel Technology Next Generation, USA
Smart Card Alliance, USA
Affiliate Member: Companies that have a vested interest in the card industry but are not directly involved in the process or supply of manufacturing, personalization or issuing cards. This includes providers of peripheral products and services such as gift card program integration, recycling services, card resellers/distributors, or companies conducting research of the card industry.
A to A Studio Solutions, Ltd., USA
CARDCore Group, Malaysia
Cosgrove Associates, USA
Custom Vault, USA
Eclipse Laboratories, USA

Information Packaging Corporation, USA
Solacia, Inc., South Korea
X-Core Holdings, LLC. USA

Alliance Data, USA
Capital One, USA
Cross River Bank, USA
Discover Global Network, USA
MasterCard International Inc., USA
Visa International, USA
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