Membership Categories

Principal Membership – Annual Dues: $2,300 US
Includes any company engaged in the production of a finished card, utilizing substrates like PVC, PET, Polycarbonate and other substrates. The principal member must have a card manufacturing facility that is engaged in any of the following activities: printing, collating, laminating, die cutting and finishing in accordance with applicable industry practices and standards.*

Personalizer Membership – Annual Dues: $2,300 US
Any companies or issuing organizations engaged in the complete personalization of already-manufactured cards. These companies do not conduct complete manufacturing of cards.*

Card Issuer Organization Membership – Annual Dues: $3,000 US
Organizations that issue cards. This membership applies to the global organization, including regional offices (up to 5 locations).

Associate Membership – Annual Dues: $3,000 US
Includes suppliers of materials, equipment or components.

Manufacturer Representative/Sales Agent/Trading Company Membership – Annual Dues: $2,300 US
Includes any independent person, firm, corporation or partnership representing supplier companies in the plastic card industry, or representing card manufacturers, as an authorized sales agent/representative of their products.

Affiliate Membership – Annual Dues: $1,500 US
Companies that have a vested interest in the card industry but are not directly involved in the process or supply of manufacturing, personalization or issuing cards. This includes providers of peripheral products and services such as gift card program integration, recycling services, or companies conducting research of the card industry.

Consulting Membership:
Independent Consultant: $1,100 US
Consultant Partnership (2-4 individuals): $1,650 US
Corporate Consultant (Multi-Location, 5+ individuals): $2,500 US

Companies or individuals whose primary business is to provide consulting services in the card industry.

Branch Membership – Annual Dues: $1,000 US
Branch members include branch locations or subsidiaries of existing ICMA member companies.

Corporate Membership – Annual Dues: $5,250 — $7,350 US
Includes principal and personalizer members with multiple locations. Corporate Membership category has two levels – the first being for Card Manufacturers and Personalizers that have four or less branch locations in addition to the primary Principal membership location. In this case, the annual dues are $5,250 for all the locations. The second level is for larger corporations with five to ten branch locations with an annual fee of $7,350. Corporate members have voting privileges.

NOTE: Members must join the Association at the highest level of industry participation for which they qualify. The ICMA Board of Directors reserves the right to review all applications for membership.

* Principal and personalizer members have voting authority.

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