Facility Tour

CardTREX Features Tour of Fraunhofer EMFT

ICMA CardTREX 2023 attendees will travel off site for a lab tour (mainly a window tour) of the Roll-to-Roll Pilot-Line for Flexible Electronics at Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Microsystems and Solid State Technologies EMFT, located at Hansastrasse 27d in München, Germany.

The tour will take place from 15:00pm to 17:00pm on 12 October.

During the visit, the institute’s Christof Landesberger will present Flexible Hybrid Electronics by Roll-to-Roll at Fraunhofer EMFT and Sabine Scherbaum will present GreenICT: Germany's Research Platform Toward Greener Electronics. The latter presentation will feature an interactive discussion with visitors.

Fraunhofer EMFT conducts cutting-edge applied research on sensors and actuators for people and the environment. Employees possess long-term experience and extensive know-how in the fields of microelectronics and microsystem technology.

The institute is working on a general approach to integrate integrated circuit (IC) devices (i.e., micro-controller ICs) and sensors in flexible film substrates via roll-to-roll manufacture. Fraunhofer EMFT is also exploring “sustainability in micro-electronics” and analyzing the environmental aspects and carbon dioxide footprint in chip card manufacture processes.