Klockner Pentaplast

Contact: Tom Mucenski
Address: 3585 Klockner Road Gordonsville VA, 22942 USA

Whether you manufacture financial cards, hotel key cards, security cards, ID cards or promotional cards, at Klöckner Pentaplast we know that your customers want durable, beautifully printed products. That’s why we offer a full range of specially formulated core and overlay films and the technical support to help you meet your customers’ needs. Pentacard® substrates include vinyl, polyester, HIPS, and foil films. Pentacard® films are ideal for split or solid core applications. Overlay films can be provided with a variety of different coatings or none at all to better match the demands of the end application as well as the inks being used. Overlay films can also be supplied with magnetic stripe upon request. Our foil sheet product can be produced in a standard or dual interface compatible format. For more information visit www.kpfilms.com

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Card Material Supplier (Film)

Major Product Categories or Services Offered:

  • PVC Core Stock - opaque white and colors
  • HIPS Core Stock
  • PVC Overlay - uncoated and coated; with or without magnetic stripe
  • kpFoil® - foil sheets with matching clear backs

Card Material Supplier (Film)