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Founded in 1927, SICPA is the leading global provider of security ink solutions and integrated systems, protecting the majority of the world’s banknotes, excised products and branded goods. At the core of our security expertise are high-performance security inks that protect the majority of the world’s banknotes, security documents and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud. Today, we put this unique expertise at the service of card manufacturers and printers. We have developed a wide range of security ink solutions offering optimized protection in response to the specific needs of the various card segments and card applications. From cards with basic security demands to those requiring high-level security, our inks add a new dimension to anti-fraud and anti-tampering protection. Optical effects, fluorescence, infrared absorption and inkjet personalization: our printed security features allow multi-level authentication. Security features for cards, as with all security documents, should not limit creativity and design. SICPA inks offer an infinite variety of colors, and adapt to all card substrates. They are also extremely resistant, offering excellent adhesion and compatibility with lamination.

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Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables)

Major Product Categories or Services Offered:

  • Security Inks
  • Hot Stamp Color Shift Ink
  • Color Shift Scratch-Off Ink
  • 3CP/3CW Inks

Card Component Supplier

Major Product Categories or Services Offered:

  • Anti-counterfeit and authentication services
  • Secure Mag Stripe

Card Manufacturing Supplies

Card Component Supplier