Smart Industries Ltd

Contact: Hywel Price
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street London London, WC2H 9JQ England

smart. is a consortium of experts in the Smart Card sector across the spectrum of manufacturing, personalisation and related operations. The combined experience of the smart. team in this sector is approx. 100 years spanning all aspects of Smart Card operations from design and establishment of so called ‘Super Sites’ with capacities exceeding 1 Billion units per year to global networks of Card Personalisation centres servicing International Banking Groups. The smart. team comprises individuals with strong characters, proven capabilities and, most importantly, a work ethic that targets getting the job done, on time and within budget. The smart. team members have worked on projects large and small all over the world engaging with local management resource to advise on, specify and execute projects in a highly professional and effective manner. The team also has vast and proven experience in trouble shooting and solving challenges that arise as part of the development and evolution of an operational environment. Members of the team also bring significant experience in Operational Management; Equipment Management; Logistics and Supply Chain; Sales and Business Development, Compliance and many other aspects which collectively combine to establish a successful Smart Card operation.

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Affiliated Products/Services

Major Product Categories or Services Offered:

  • Evaluation: Concept / Design, Business Case Definition & Facility Establishment
  • Infrastructure: Services, Support & Logistics
  • Procurement & Supply Chain: Equipment, Services, Materials & Consumables
  • Personnel: Selection, Recruitment & Training
  • Management Processes: Optimisation, Troubleshooting & Cost Reduction
  • Sales & Marketing: Sales Strategy, Networking & Marketing
  • Compliance: ISO Standards, Scheme Approvals & product Certification
  • Equipment; Specification / Selection, Factory / Site Acceptance Testing & Installation
  • Manufacturing: Global, Local & Regional Support, Factory Relocations & Design Support