Thomas Greg & Sons de Colombia, S.A.

Contact: Fernando Bautista
Address: Carrera 6 #34-44 Bogotá Bogotá, 110311 Colombia

Thomas Greg and Sons De Colombia is a division of Thomas Greg and Sons Ltd., based in Guernsey, and has interests in security printing, cash handling and communications in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, India, Philippines and USA. The company offers innovative security solutions, with unique and valuable products and services for banking, industry, governments and commercial sector, coming up with products that have advanced security features that give full guarantee of their authenticity and truthfulness. Additionally, the company developed payment mechanisms, cash processing solutions and anti-fraud software, all with the highest standards. TGS also produces and personalize trustworthy identity documents using state of art technology and secure data processing. All processes guarantee the integrity of the data contained. The commitment to be reliable, efficient and excellent, has enabled Thomas Greg & Sons to lead the markets we serve and to expand our activities serving in different countries, offering the highest quality applying complex techniques against counterfeiting.

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Regions we supply to:
Asia Latin America
Markets we serve:
Secure (Financial) Secure (Other) Non-Secure
Order Quantities we can provide:
Up To 500,000
Personalizations Services We offer:
Magnetic Encoding Chip Card Embossing Other Personalization Methods

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Card Personalizer