Contact: Torben Kinder
Address: Am Pferdemarkt 16 Langenhagen Lower Saxony, D-30853 Deutschland

VTT Germany is the world leading manufacturer of lamination plates for the production of governmental security documents such as e.g. passport datapages, ID-cards, driving licenses with more than 20 years of experience. Securely engraved surfaces with raised/ inlaying security features (MLI-/CLI-lenses, guilloche patterns, VTT FlyEye Technology, VTT move ID or VTT holo PHOTIC) make documents fraud resistant. To integrate different layers into a robust security feature VTT has recently introduced further security features dedicated to cards that incorporate see-through windows. In VTT Double FlyEye and Twin Lense Technologies a security feature is designed that incorporates the full card body from front to back. Using lenses and a specifically scrambled engraving an image and motion are defined and visible through the window. Out of Penang Malaysia VTT can provide lamination plates with VTT Double A quality. These plates define the market standard in terms of quality and lead time at a competitive price and have made VTT the fastest growing company in the market. With a global presence VTT actively support clients in the development of new products and secure elements ensuring an efficient production process and highest quality cards that meet any defined standard.

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Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables)

Major Product Categories or Services Offered:

  • Lamination Plates for secure documents
  • Lamination Plates for PVC cards
  • Press Pads
  • Cassette Systems
  • Cleaning Products
  • Consultancy Services
  • High Durability Lamination Plates

Card Manufacturing Supplies