Webcasts from the Leading Global Card Association

As a member benefit, ICMA hosts live webcasts featuring card manufacturers, personalizers, issuers and other experts delivering virtual presentations about the transaction card industry. If you’re a participant, you can listen via conference call portal and watch the presenter and PowerPoint live while posting questions for immediate feedback.

Whether you’re in North America, Europe, Asia or any other part of the world, you can join our webinars and webcasts without ever moving your chair. ICMA’s diverse presentations on the global card industry can be viewed from the convenience of your office or conference room, where you and your colleagues can be part of another great educational resource from the leading global card association.  They are also archived on the Members Only website for later viewing opportunities.

Sample topics from our webcast archives for member card manufacturers, personalizers and suppliers include:

  • European Card Market Statistics presented by Al Vrancart, ICMA Founder Emeritus and Industry Advisor, with trends from 12 vertical market segments as well as card manufacturing and personalization growth specific to the European market. Al’s other webinars have included North American Market Statistics and Global Card and P&F Statistics Highlights.
  • Developments in the Gift Card Marketplace from Karen Brooker, CPS Cards (formerly at ABnote NA)
  • How Social Media Can Manufacture Virtual Success in a Tangible Way by ICMA’s Public Relations Manager
  • What Can Card Manufacturers Infer from Current Standards Activity? presented by ICMA Standards and Technical Representative, David Tushie
  • Introduction to MasterCard’s CQM Requirements V2.16 from Uwe Trüggelmann, TruCert Ltd
  • Effectively Designing and Introducing New Trends in Card Design with Megan Bogard, CPI Card Group
  • Healthcare Card Industry Overview from Sheila Loy, HID Global

Each webcast on the global card industry will be recorded and provided on the Webinar Archive page in the Members Only portal link at the top of this page.

Members can set up a log-in with ICMA headquarters and you’ll have the ability to connect to all of ICMA’s webinars/webcasts as well as other training materials such as CITE (Card Industry Training & Education), standards reports, tutorials, an issuer training webinar and ACE accreditation. Go to www.icmatraining.com to get started.

Webcasts Include

Challenges of Making Interactive Cards

ICMA members can view this webinar from June 20th, presented by Uwe Trüggelmann of TruCert Ltd: The Challenge of Making Interactive Cards by going to the Members Only site.

What You Need to Know About GDPR

ICMA members can view this webinar from June 26th, presented by Devesh Pandit of e4 Security Consulting Ltd: What You Need to Know About GDPR by going to the Members Only site.