Standards Representation

Standards are one of the most critical elements in ensuring that a card does what it is supposed to do and where it is supposed to do it. The organization ISO (International Organization for Standardization) oversees global standards for thousands of products through various subcommittees and working groups. For the card industry, the primary global working group is ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17WG1. In the United States, the ISO card industry national committee is the U.S. Committee for ID Cards and Related Devices (ANSI/NCITS B10.) ICMA maintains representation on both of these committees through its official Standards Representative, David Tushie, Magellan Consulting. David is at the forefront of current and emerging standards for all types of cards and related devices.
David Tushie
Tushie provides ICMA with important benefits, including a bi-monthly Standards Report in ICMA’s members-only newsletter, Inside ICMA; a recurring Standards Column in ICMA’s Card Manufacturing magazine; internal reports of standards activity to the board and all interested members; and presentations at ICMA’s CardTREX Regional Events and the annual ICMA EXPO.

Standards articles written by David and by ICMA’s former Standards Representatives, Dr. Brad Paulson and Joe Naujokas, can be found in the Article Archive of the Members Only portal. As noted, members can receive more proprietary information via Inside ICMA and internal reports. He can be reached at