Personalization & Fulfillment Task Force

The ICMA Personalization & Fulfillment Task Force (PFTF) is the only independent industry organization dedicated to the needs and challenges of bureaus and fulfillment houses. The task force addresses topics of interest to secure and non-secure bureaus and fulfillment houses at CardTREX Regional Events and the EXPO, as well as dedicated personalization events.

The task force’s goal is to provide members with the information they need to be more competitive. Industry experts will make presentations that help ICMA members meet some of their biggest challenges such as data security, EMV adoption, new materials, equipment and leading-edge processes. Equipment manufacturers will be invited to make unbiased presentations that help members make informed investments in more efficient printers, embossers, inserters, etc.

The task force is committed to being first to address new innovations that affect personalization such as NFC, mobile payments, “drop on demand” printing, specialized inks and materials, instant issuance, etc. From the data security to EMV adoption to new card materials, the task force provides insight about trends in technology, equipment, and processes.

What specifically will you get out of participating in the task force? Here are potential topics the group addresses, by type of business:

  • Secure bureaus:
    – Data Security
    – PCI/DSS
    – Tokenization
    – Key Management
    – Data Encryption: at move, at rest, end point
    – EMV technology challenges
    – Key management
    – Card issuance systems
    – Card management systems
    – Build vs buy your platform
  • Non-secure bureaus:
    – Materials
    – Substrates
    – Inks and materials that adhere to printed surfaces
    – Handling new materials and processes
    – Phosphorescent inks
    – Colorescent inks
    – Emitting odor inks
    – Full face metallic surface cards
    – Mirror effect cards
    – Transparent cards
    – Cards with eco-friendly materials
    – Cards with “shimmer”
  • All personalization bureaus and fulfillment houses:
    – Equipment
    – Embossers (centralized and distributed issuance)
    – Card Printers
    – Card inserters, mailers
    – PIN mailers
    – How to become a secure bureau

If you’d like to take part in this task force, please contact ICMA Headquarters at

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