2014 EXPO a Success!

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Keynote Speech
Michael Rogers: The Practical Futurist, MSNBC Columnist, Former Futurist-in-Residence for The New York Times
General Session presentation: Global Card and P&F Analysis, Trends, Opportunities, Growth and Forecast
Al Vrancart, ICMA Founder Emeritus and Industry Advisor
A review of 2013 Global and Regional Cards Manufactured including Personalization & Fulfillment Services. The presentation will focus on statistics, trends, comparisons, opportunities, threats and what the future will hold.
General Session presentation: Electronic Benefits Cards – Best Practices and Future Trends
Tim Klabunde, Datacard Group
A look at how governments are leveraging investments in identification services, payment technologies and partnerships with the financial sector.
General Session presentation: New Product Process – From Cradle to Grave
Keith Yeates, Bristol ID Technologies
A detailed look at the process of implementing a new product. This will include looking at market needs, internal and external buy-in, prototype, the development process, and more.
General Session presentation: Preparing for the Future: What’s Next for Identity and Payment Technologies
Zack Martin, Regarding ID Magazine and SecureIDNews.com
Nothing stands still when it comes to payments and identity technologies. Taking a detailed look at various projects, standards and efforts in the payments and identification arena.
Speed Networking– Exhibitors with Card Manufacturers & Personalizers
General Session presentation: Recent and Future Impact of Technology on Card Manufacturing
Barry Mosteller, CPI Card Group
Taking a look at technology of the recent past to understand why we are where we are today. In addition, a look at where the technology is going so we can predict the possible directions for the future.
Your Focus Sessions (see below)
The Road to EMV
Michelle Lehouck, CPI Card Group
Learn how to plan for, assess and integrate EMV production into your business, including a look at how card issuers, program managers and financial institutions can leverage digital on-demand technology to prepare themselves for the EMV integration.
Next Generation Polycarbonate Documents
Urs Fawer, Trüb AG, Switzerland
An outline of recent innovation in polycarbonate documents including underlying drivers of the governmental market like cost, security, and convenience.
Roundtable Discussions


  • How would you adapt and change your business to grow into 2020 and beyond?
  • What is the right amount of Technology Investment each year?
  • Discuss the greatest challenges in our industry today and tomorrow.
  • What are the 5 best ways to increase your bottom line?
  • Discuss pursuing intellectual property investment and patent litigation in our industry.
  • What are the “game changing” technologies that we need to know and pursue?
Challenges and Opportunities for Card Bureaus in the Future
Carl-Otto Künnecke, Otto Künnecke GmbH
Highlighting the three standard processes in a card bureau: vault management, personalization and fulfillment, as well as focusing on how automatic processes are changing in this environment.
New Technologies in Card Lamination
Uwe Postelmann, Maschinenfabrik Lauffer GmbH & Co. KG
This presentation will cover the changing landscape in lamination technology and will review experience with customer testing and solutions.
Achieving 100% Quality Control During Personalization
Brian Summerhayes, Barnes International Limited
A look into the latest advances in quality control (QC) measures for testing of card personalization compliance with payment scheme, issuer and individual card requirements.
Security Features for ID1 Cards: Selection, Suitability and Impact on Production
Roland Gutmann, Bundesdruckerei GmbH
The presentation will provide an insight into the world of security features, advice on the selection of the appropriate features with a view to security requirements and will outline the impact of their integration into card production.
Pin Management
David Tushie, ICMA Standards and Technical Representative
PIN generation for ATM, debit and prepaid cards has become more prevalent in card personalization bureaus today. This presentation will focus on the operational requirements for PIN generation and PIN mailers.
Trends in Offset Press Technology for the Card Market
Walter Chmura, KBA North America, Inc.
Covering recent trends in offset press technology that can benefit the international card market, including new advancements such as enhanced quality control systems, additional substrate capabilities, and in-line post processing.
General Session presentation: Technologies for Secure Electronic Transactions—How Card Manufacturers Adapt for Change
Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance
An expert in the smart card industry will highlight and overview the latest technology trends for enabling secure electronic transactions across all markets including financial, retail, transportation, government/ID, and access control.
General Session presentation: Trusted Service Manager (TSM) Provisioning for Mobile Personalization
John Bergien, Director of Program Management, NBS Technologies Inc.
Highlighting the requirements for provisioning data for mobile, over the air personalization and contrast it with the personalization processes common for physical cards in a service bureau environment.
General Session presentation: Design Trends and Techniques
Megan Anthony, CPI Card Group
A detailed look at card design, past and present. Presentation will also focus on brand recognition, design trends, innovation, and solutions that drive production.

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Thank You to Our EXPO Exhibitors!

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Thank You to our EXPO Sponsors

We appreciate their support and encourage everyone to recognize their generous contribution to this event. The valuable support of our sponsors contributes greatly to the success of our events.

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ICMA Élan Awards of Excellence


ICMA revealed the recipients of the Élan Awards of Excellence at the Élan Dinner on Tuesday, April 8.

The Élan award is the only award that recognizes card design, personalization and product innovation and technical achievement in the industry. Past recipients include leading card manufacturers from around the globe. 

Submissions were judged on the following criteria for cards: Graphical Design, Printing, Complexity, Technology, Security, Quality, Innovation, Uniqueness, Practicality, and the Judge’s View.

Suppliers were judged on the application of science, knowledge, tools and methods in the development and creation of the new product, equipment or material.

The Personalization & Fulfillment category was judged on their application of science, engineering, knowledge, tools and methods in the development and creation of the new product, service or innovation.

Awards were bestowed upon and issued to winning manufacturers & personalizers and their card customers.

Click here to view the 2014 ÉLAN Award Winners

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