Production 360: Bringing The Card Manufacturing Lifecyle Full Circle

Production 360:
Bringing The Card Manufacturing Lifecyle Full Circle

                              Production 360: ICMA’s New Spin on CardTREX North America

ICMA’s new Production 360 experience brings the card manufacturing lifecycle full circle. This day-long event at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida provides opportunities that your plant and technical staff simply can’t get anywhere else.

ICMA created the Production 360 experience to give individuals who may have traditionally attended the technical-focused CardTREX North America the opportunity to learn the latest card manufacturing production advancements and interact with other professionals in their field. They can meet members of other companies, converse with industry experts and make lasting connections during this event.

Attendees will have access to the Exhibit Hall where they can meet with a wide array of equipment, material and other technology providers. This is the perfect opportunity for your key technical team members to learn about new technology, source new suppliers and get their questions answered about the latest material and equipment advancements.

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend ICMA's Elan Awards of Excellence ceremony and dinner. The Élan Awards cast a spotlight on the best of the best in the global transaction card industry, honoring world-class achievements in card design, technological innovation and other categories that establish the global vanguard for card manufacturing excellence.

Production 360 features presentations from industry experts and influencers that aim to teach attendees new skills, best practices and actionable ways to achieve long-term success.

Your employees will build skills and gain actionable insights at Production 360. They will return to work reinvigorated after spending time in this high-energy atmosphere.

Take full advantage of sending your plant personnel to Production 360 by packaging it with the Advanced Card Education-Manufacturing (ACE-M) training and certificate program. There is a separate fee for ACE-M and non-members are not eligible to participate.

The ACE-M designation is awarded to individuals with a broad and detailed knowledge of card manufacturing who successfully complete a rigorous exam focused on PVC/Plastics, Inks, Adhesives, Printing, Collation, Lamination, Die-Cutting and Standards/Testing.

The Production 360 experience can have a major positive impact on your employees and on your brand. 

NOTE: There is a separate fee to participate in the ACE program and non-members are not eligible to attend.

ICMA's new Production 360 track brings the card manufacturing lifecycle full circle, uniting general managers, engineers, designers, and other card plant personnel with industry innovators, leading-edge technology providers and supplier partners for networking opportunities and educational presentations to help solve plant challenges and move card manufacturing forward.

The track will take place on the final two days of the EXPO from May 15-16 during ICMA's 2024 Card Manufacturing & Personalization EXPO at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. The cost for members to attend this separate track is $550 and the cost for non-members is $750.

Education is paramount to overcoming the vast amount of challenges manufactures face daily, and the Production 360 track delivers a healthy combination of forward-looking insights and technical knowledge with a half day of seminars starting at 1 p.m. on May 15 and a half day of seminars starting at 9 a.m. on May 16.

Attendees will have scheduled access to the Exhibit Hall where participants will have an opportunity to meet a wide array of equipment, material, and other technology providers. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend ICMA's Elan Awards of Excellence ceremony and dinner on the evening of May 15.

Make the most of your Production 360 track attendance by packaging it with Advanced Card Education-Manufacturing (ACE-M) training and certificate program. The training will be offered after the educational sessions end on May 16 and the correlating ACE-M exam will take place on May 17.

NOTE: There is a separate fee to participate in the ACE program and non-members are not eligible to attend.

2024 Agenda:

Please note that this schedule is still in development and subject to change

With the wide variation on card builds, materials, and options in today’s market, ensuring you hit your business’s gross margin targets is more difficult than ever. This very practical discussion will focus on how to implement a margin management system: the tools and data required, simple do-it-yourself analysis techniques, and building action plans for when operations strays from its goals. Oriented toward general management, operations management, and finance professionals.

The use of recycled or biobased card materials is increasing rapidly. Despite the undoubted advantages, bonding on these new materials, however, remains a challenge.  This presentation delves into innovative ways to bond on eco-friendly card materials sustainably. It highlights traditional fastening methods, innovative adhesive systems as well as thermoset bonding. At the same time this educational presentation explains and differentiates their eco-friendly advantages and challenges on the example of real-world applications (such as chip module implanting). On top of that the presenter will share pragmatic und useful recommendations for how to approach and overcome bonding challenges with regards to eco-friendly card materials.

A key method for adding value to your offering and successfully competing against low-cost/high-volume competitors lies in personalization and small order processing. However, the challenges of building a manufacturing process capable of individualized order processing are daunting. Initial implementations typically require extraordinary amounts of time/labor in order processing and non-scalable processes for manufacturing and shipping small quantities. We discuss general approaches to solving these problems, with a highlight on digital order automation and digital manufacturing job management.

Presenting the Élan Awards of Excellence

Tonight we will not only celebrate the winners of our prestigious Élan Awards of Excellence, but also the rich culture and geographic diversity of our ICMA attendees. Make your way through the global food and drink stations for a fun culinary experience! Enjoy the music and make some new ICMA friends and connections.

Card personalization and issuance requires technology, precision and efficiency to bring cards to life. In parallel with the underpinnings of Industry 4.0, digital machine intelligence within this segment brings increased efficiency and ROI opportunities to the forefront of smart card manufacturing. The Entrust Production Analytics Solution is a software platform built on delivering this value proposition to card personalization operations through a customizable, real-time, aggregated architecture. This presentation will look more closely at how and why the trend for digital intelligence can leverage powerful real-time analytics to identify trends in productivity, bottlenecks, quality gaps and overall line-balancing. Production analytics continues to drive the next generation of smart manufacturing in card personalization and issuance, bringing enhanced value to operations and business alike.


Celebrating its 70th anniversary with a leading position as a plastic substrates supplier for the smartcard industry, SPICA discovered and launched a new technology unique in the industry, which will lead to a revolution in the way the PVC sheets for the card market will be designed and produced. There will be unlimited possibilities; the only limit will be the imagination of SPICA and its partners.

Training is an integral part of hiring and retention in the card manufacturing industry, especially for companies that are hiring outside of the industry. David Tushie, standards and technical representative of the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), shares insights on the state of the card manufacturing industry and how the Advanced Card Education (ACE) program can be the answer to helping industry leaders better hire and retain employees.