Frequently Asked Questions

The primary benefits for card manufacturers, personalizers, suppliers, issuers, manufacturers’ representatives, and affiliate and consulting members are education, networking and industry access. ICMA achieves this through a wide range of member services and benefits, including publications; exhibit and attendee discounts to the annual EXPO, ICMA Connect and CardTREX regional events; awards and certification programs; industry/member news emails; standards representation; training and webinars; public relations exposure; an online member directory; free copies of the Global Market and Personalization Statistics Reports, and many more. Click here for a complete menu of services.

ICMA’s membership is for companies, and therefore the benefits can be used by all employees of your company. However, your membership only applies to your particular office location, and any other branch location must join separately. There is a branch membership available for a reduced fee as long as one location of your company maintains a full membership.
ICMA members come from more than 40 countries worldwide, representing every continent and market region in the world.
ICMA does not manufacture cards, however, ICMA does provide access to its membership of card manufacturers, personalizers and industry suppliers throughout the world. See our Provider Search page for card manufacturers.
See our Member List on this website or you can search in ICMA’s card provider search. Click here to start your search.
Education on the manufacturing of cards can be obtained via the CardTREX Regional Events and our EXPO, as well as the articles in ICMA’s magazine, Card Manufacturing. Additionally, a comprehensive study guide is available for those taking the ACE exams, however, you must qualify and sign up to take the exam to get the study guide. NEW! ICMA is offering a virtual live training program, ACE-Commercial, which provides sales, marketing, customer service and other key personnel at your company the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of card manufacturing as well as typical customer questions and challenges. Elevate your marketing team with ACE-Commercial!

ICMA has added training webinars for members wanting to learn more about the different aspects of card manufacturing. ICMA’s Card Industry Training & Education (CITE) Program gives individuals — whether new to the business, or those who have limited exposure to the full breadth of the industry — a basic understanding of the history, scope and technologies involved in the global plastic card industry, including sections on general card manufacturing, personalization and applications technology. An issuer training webinar is also available. Card Basics for Card Issuers is a training video for card issuers — a tutorial on the manufacturing and personalization of cards to support an issuer’s knowledge base for card procurement.
ICMA offers many access routes to industry suppliers. The ICMA official magazine, Card Manufacturing, accepts articles, product releases and advertising. Published six times a year, this magazine is an excellent venue to reach manufacturers and personalizers. Furthermore, the annual ICMA Card Manufacturing & Personalization EXPO and ICMA Connect offers attractive exhibit and sponsorship rates (and discounted rates for members) at the industry’s only card manufacturing-exclusive show. Also, there are opportunities for advertising on the website, CardTREX North America and CardTREX Europe exhibits as well as speaking opportunities at all ICMA events.
ICMA publishes important card manufacturing unit and market information as well as personalization and fulfillment information in its annual Card Manufacturing Global Market and Personalization Statistics Reports, and maintains a statistics section on the members-only website. There is also a glossary of industry terms on the ICMA website. ICMA continually researches the industry and provides frequent updates in its magazine as well.
ICMA maintains standards representation on ISO and ANSI committees and working groups via an official representative, who frequently reports on breaking news via the ICMA e-newsletter, Inside ICMA, and our print and digital magazine, Card Manufacturing. Click here for more information on this benefit.
Members of ICMA are refrained from discussing at this meeting the financial aspects of their business pertaining to disclosure of prices, profits, commissions, discounts, purchase agreements, contracts, costs or any other matter which could be construed as causing injury to a competitor or of unreasonably restraining trade.