Advance your career and your company's reputation with ACE

The purpose of ACE-Commercial training is to provide sales, marketing, customer service and other key personnel at your company with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of card manufacturing. The program is taught by David Tushie, ICMA’s standards and technical representative.

Others who may find this training beneficial include suppliers and consultants who want to have a deeper understanding of the card industry opportunities & challenges experienced by card providers.

Employees who participate in the training series:

  • Receive a high-level overview of the major components of a card manufacturing business.
  • Learn about the production of cards.
  • Review customer service support and sales issues that arise in the sale and support of card products and projects.
  • Will learn top of mind questions or topics that customers of card products may have.

Unlike ICMA’s other ACE programs, which require students to pass an exam to achieve a corresponding certification, ACE-Commercial is more qualitative and not as quantitative – the objective is not to teach the application of concepts in a card plant. It was designed to provide employees in customer-facing roles with high-level card industry education without the need to enroll in certification-level curriculum.

ACE-Commercial is a 4-hour virtual training program taught in two, 2-hour sessions on the same day. There are no prerequisites but the program is only available to current ICMA member companies. Employees who complete the training class will receive a certificate of completion.

After each session, there is a content review period with multiple choice questions and time for students to discuss the covered material with the instructor.

Program Curriculum


Customer facing personnel to include marketing, sales, customer service, executives, as well as card industry suppliers and consultants. There are no experience requirements or program prerequisites but current ICMA membership is required.


$265.50 per person
for groups of 10-19 individuals

$250.75 per person
for groups of 20 or more individuals

If interested, email us to learn more at

How To Enroll

Registration policies:

  • Payment must be received two weeks prior to the program.
  • If you find you are unable to attend, there is no additional cost for making a company registration substitution or rescheduling to attend a different training date.
  • All substitutions and rescheduling requests must be sent in writing to and received at least 14 calendar days in advance of the scheduled event.
  • There is a $25 cancellation processing fee per registered attendee and all cancellation requests must be sent in writing to
  • There will be no refunds for cancellations received within 14 calendar days of the scheduled event.

Questions? Contact or (609) 799-4900.

Day of Program Expectations & Technology

  • The program will be conducted on a Zoom platform. Be prepared to use your video camera so that the instructor can conduct a roll call of all attendees.
  • Depending on your Wi-Fi bandwidth, you may consider an internet connection using a hard wire to ensure a stable connection throughout the program.
  • This is a 4-hour program. We will cover the initial 2 hours, then have a 30-minute break before resuming for the remaining 2 hours.
  • Questions for the instructor will be possible during the course by using the chat box of the Zoom platform.


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