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Barnes International Limited

The Loft, St Clair’s Farm Wickham Road, Droxford, HAM SO32 3PW, United Kingdom

Barnes International is world leader for Smartcard Test Tools for Cards, Mobile and other Payment form factors, EMV® Consultancy and Magnetic Stripe Analyzers. Card Manufacturers, Personalization Bureaus and Issuers in more than 110 countries develop, certify, launch, produce and quality control accredited EMV® cards using Barnes’ products. We develop online as well as stand-alone certification and product approval test tools for laboratories and payment schemes. We have integrated our CPT 3000v3CL tools into the leading personalization systems to enable 100% testing of cards. Our world leading mag-stripe and chip test tools are backed up by expert technical support. EMV® training & consultancy is used by Issuers, Certification Laboratories, Manufacturers & Personalization Bureaus. We support all global card schemes including EMV®, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, Discover and CUP plus all national schemes. Barnes enables excellent ISO/CQM quality control of contact & dual interface chip cards and devices, including mag-stripe during and post manufacturing/personalization. Our Mag-Tester Revo & Mag-Tester 3000 are world leaders for magnetic stripe QC. Barnes Smart Solutions is the sole worldwide licensee of the P3 data preparation system used in North America, EMEA and Asia.

Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Card Equipment Supplier

  • CPT 3000v3CL - Card Personalization QC & Pre Certification Test Systems
  • CAT 3000v3CL - Card Personalization Test Development and Test System
  • Mag-Tester 3000 Range of Magnetic Stripe Analyzer
  • Mag-Tester Revo Magnetic Stripe Analyzer
  • CET3000 Level 1 Electrical and Protocol Analyzer
  • Inline Personalization Test Systems
  • Payment Brand Online Payment Application - Certification Systems
  • P3 Data Preparation Systems

Affiliated Products/Services

  • EMV Training and Consultancy
  • Card Personalization pre-Certification Consultancy for Issuers
  • Magnetic Stripe Standards and Quality Training
  • Chip Testing
  • Training and Consultancy
  • P3 Training

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Card Equipment Supplier Affiliated Products / Services Consultant

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Asia Europe Latin America North America MEA

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