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BG Ingenierie

4 Rue Paul Langevin , Chateaubourg, 35220, France

BG INGENIERIE is a French engineering company created in 1999.
We develop versatile equipment to produce, test and personalize your Smart Objects (cards, passports, SMD- eSIM-eSE), and act as system integrator for specific development (laser, vision inspection, sensors…).

Our inhouse R&D department has created more than 150 equipment for:

• CARD MANUFACTURING: NEW BIOMETRIC CARD PRODUCTION, milling, embedding, GSM-SIM punch… A4 R&D laminator for plastic and eco-friendly cards,

• Durability testers for cards and passports following CQM, ISO, ANSI, ICAO (bending, torsion, 3 wheels, peel stregnth, abrasion…) and specific

• PERSONALIZATION: module handler, SMD-eSIM-eSE programming and laser engraving

• Specific development: around cards, e-ID and passport (desktop laminator, vision inspection, RFID tester…), YOURS…

BG INGENIERIE: more than 1 100 machines sold in 65+ countries

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Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Card Equipment Supplier

  • Biometric card prodcution
  • Card milling
  • Chip and sensor embedding
  • GSM-SIM punch
  • Module handler -
  • SMD-eSIM-eSE personalization
  • Card durability testers (CQM
  • ISO
  • ANSI)
  • Passport durability testers

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Card Equipment Supplier

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