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Card Testing International

Level 4, 105 High Street,, Lower Hutt, 5010, New Zealand

Card Testing International (CTI) is the VISA accredited provider with the most ISO certified tests for Innovative Card Products including metalized, biometric, interactive, and other cutting edge materials. CTI’s world class laboratory is Amex Enabled and MC CQM (17025) accredited, and has served the worlds card industry for over 20 years. The specialists at CTI are veterans in testing of financial, transport, and ID card testing services, as well as staying in touch with the latest standards to assist the industry with development to enhance the cards of tomorrow. CTI’s lab focuses on technical testing/audit services of physical, electrical, and RFID attributes for Card Schemes, Manufacturers, Bank Issuers and Government Bodies. With a primary focus of ‘Test Certification’ and not vending test or production equipment, CTI is a world leader of fast, precise and cost effective card certification. Please visit for further information on CTI’s wide range of test services.

Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Affiliated Products/Services

  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Card Testing Laboratory
  • MasterCard CQM (17025) Accredited
  • VISA Innovative Card Testing Certified
  • Manufacturer Compliance Certificates
  • Physical Card Testing
  • RFID Testing
  • Metal Card Testing
  • Biometric Card Testing
  • Interactive Card Testing
  • Bank
  • ID
  • Loyalty Cards

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