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Mylar Specialty Films is the world’s premier producer of differentiated polyester films. We offer the flexible cards industry a unique range of biaxially orientated PET films designed specifically for the durable laminated cards market. The combination of durability, cost effectiveness and simplicity of implementation has made Melinex® polyester film the number one choice in a wide range of durable card applications including National ID cards, e-health cards, drivers licences, mass transit ticketing, automotive key cards and many other long life applications worldwide.

Melinex® has a significantly lower environmental impact during it’s production, with a low carbon foot print, low water usage and with zero hazardous materials used or produced as by products during the manufacturing process. Melinex® card products are available with high levels of recycled content or 30% bio content further reducing the environmental impact at the start of life.

Card Film Supplier
– Melinex® CORE Range – comprises white films for the card body containing unique toughening agents to offer excellent resistance to flexure and impact.

– Melinex® PROTECT Range – Melinex® CORE is complemented by a range of clear, overlay films offering tamper evident credentials and a wide range of personalisation techniques.

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  • Meilnex® PET Polyester Film

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