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Ellipse World, Inc.

8615 Washington Blvd , Culver City, CA 90232, United States

Ellipse is a Los Angeles based FinTech company shaping the future of payment security. Ellipse has invented EVC®, the new Dynamic Card Security Code standard that uses the existing EMV rails. EVC is a breakthrough solution to eliminate Card-Not-Present fraud and False Declines. EVC is easy to deploy for Issuers, provides a frictionless experience for cardholders, and is transparent to merchants. EVC battery-free display technology enables all card manufacturers to produce display card products with their existing process and equipment. Ellipse is comprised of leading payment technology experts dedicated to help stakeholders generate new value from technologies that address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges of the digital payment ecosystem.

Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Card Component Supplier

  • EVC All-In-One Dynamic Security Code Dual Interface EMV modules.
  • Battery-free Dynamic Security Code Dual Interface EMV modules.
  • Embedded and encapsulated battery-free electronic modules with Display

Affiliated Products/Services

  • Design and manufacturing of custom embedded/encapsulated Display electronics for the payment
  • security
  • identification
  • transportation industries

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