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2214 Paddock Way Drive Suite 125, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, United States

EMPERORTECH AMERICAS is the foothold of Emperor Technology Co. Ltd in the Americas. Established in 1995, Emperor Technology is a professional supplier of Information Security and Data Processing Solutions. Emperor Technology is focused on the development, production, sales and service of information security products. The main products of Emperor Technology are: handheld and tabletop card counters, equipment for production of personalized ID documents and credentials including ID Cards, Banking Cards, Access Control Cards & Passports as well as equipment for mobile payments for mass transit including card issuance and management. The products have been widely used in Security ID, ePayment, Highway, Rail Transit, Mobile Communication and City ePass Systems. Recent developments in self-service kiosks for the banking industry and for government ID & passports production and delivery have taken Emperor Technology to high volume markets in China and in Asia.

Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables)

  • Ink Ribbons
  • Laminates

Card Personalization Supplies (Consumables)

  • Ink ribbons
  • Laminates

Card Equipment Supplier

  • DOD printing
  • Card Counting
  • Card sorting
  • Card encoding
  • Laser engraving
  • Card storing & dispensing (Secure)

Affiliated Products/Services

  • Mobile payments solutions
  • Mobile individual enrolling & ID verification
  • Mass transit payment systems
  • Card printing
  • Smart Card manufacturing
  • Sales & Distribution

Member Type:

Manufacturer Representative/Sales Agent/Trading Company

Our Services:

Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables) Card Personalization Supplies (Consumables) Card Equipment Supplier Consultant

Regions We Supply:

Latin America North America

Markets We Serve:

Secure (Financial) Secure (Other) Non-Secure

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