CPI Card Group Takes Industry Lead by Investing in ICMA Training and Accreditation Program

Card Manufacturer Successfully Graduates 11 Employees of ACE Program

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ – August 1, 2012- The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), the world’s leading trade group representing plastic card manufacturers, personalizers, issuers and suppliers, has announced that member, CPI Card Group, has graduated an additional 11 of its employees from its Advanced Card Education (ACE) accreditation program, bringing the company’s total number of designees to 14. CPI Card Group now joins the ranks of 29 other ICMA member designees that have already earned the accreditation, bringing the total number of program graduates to 43 since it began.

CPI Card Group is also the first ICMA member company to host an ACE group training and exam for its employees, marking a new milestone in the program’s success. The first-ever accreditation program for the global card manufacturing industry, ACE was launched in 2007 as a way to recognize those with advanced card manufacturing knowledge.

“We are pleased with CPI’s member support and outstanding achievement with our ACE program”, said Al Vrancart, Industry Adviser & Founder Emeritus of ICMA. “ICMA remains dedicated to providing tools for global industry training and education while acknowledging personal individual and company member success.”

The ACE designation is awarded to people with a broad and detailed knowledge of card manufacturing and processes who successfully complete the rigorous exam. ACE accreditation validates expertise and distinguishes employees as motivated experts in the card manufacturing industry. The designation evaluates the skills and knowledge of card manufacturing professionals in eight key areas: PVC/Plastics, Inks, Adhesives, Printing, Collation, Lamination, Die-cutting, and Standards/Testing.

“We are so proud of our team for their continued dedication to expanding their education in our industry,” said Steve Montross, president and CEO of CPI Card Group. “Being the first company to host the ACE group training and exam, with the graduation of 11 of our employees, confirms our commitment to staying at the top of the game as the global leader in financial and commercial card production.”

The current CPI Card Group program graduates are as follows:

Brad Hanson, Regional Account Manager
Tim McKearney, Regional Sales Manager
Alvaro Moreno, Blank Card Sales Manager
Robert Michaelis, Director of Project Management
Mark Costello, Regional Sales Manager
Jay Schwisow, Director of Commercial Sales
Max Michieli, Post Print Manager
Vanessa Jones, Pre Production Manager
Tony McGee, Manager, Customer Care
Jim Fry, Manager, Customer Care
Megan Anthony, Senior Designer
Jim Hays, National Account Manager
Barry Mosteller, Director of R&D
Julie Hermanson, QMS Manager

The next exam and ACE training seminar will take place in conjunction with the ICMA Regional Events in September in Chicago and October in Munich. Please email info@icma.com for more information on applying. Visit www.icma.com for more information.


About ICMA

Based in Princeton Junction, NJ, USA, ICMA is a non-profit association of plastic card manufacturers, personalizers, issuers and related industry participants. With more than 240 members globally, the ICMA acts as a clearinghouse for industry issues, including the production, personalization, technology, application, security and environmental issues of plastic cards. Visit www.icma.com for more information.

About CPI Card Group

CPI, a global leader in financial, commercial and identification card production and related services, offers a single source for cards and other form factors, from financial and gift to EMV chip and mobile, and personalization and fulfillment services. CPI offers the largest secure and commercial production network in North America and is the leading commercial provider in the UK. CPI’s production sites include: Denver, Colorado; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nevada; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Colchester, England; Liverpool, England; and Toronto, Canada. CPIs’ plants in Colorado, Nevada, Indiana, Canada and Liverpool are ISO 9001 certified. For more information, visit www.cpicardgroup.com.