ACE Spotlight Series: Anomatic Leverages ICMA to Improve Manufacturing

As the demand for experts in the card manufacturing and personalization/fulfillment sector continues to grow, it is key for members of the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) to participate in frequent training to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and advances.

That’s why ICMA offers the Advanced Card Education (ACE) program, which includes three stand-alone  designations—ACE-M, ACE-P and ACE-A—all designed to keep members at the top of their game:

  • ACE-M focuses on PVC/plastics, inks, adhesives, printing, collation, lamination, die-cutting and standards/testing
  • ACE-P delves into printing and barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, laser engraving, smart card encoding, financial transaction card data and fulfillment and standards/testing
  • ACE-A reviews card technologies in advanced materials and card construction, security technologies and environmental initiatives

Anomatic Corporation’s Mark Ormiston, vice president of technology and innovation, is one of six ICMA members to have recently earned all three ACE designations. Although he has more than 30 years of experience in research, new product, new technology development and environmental compliance across several markets—pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer electronics, aerospace and consumer packaged goods—Ormiston pursued the ACE specializations seeking a technical understanding of the requirements and technologies involved in transaction related cards.

“The ACE program was integral to improving my understanding of the technical aspects of the card industry, which is a new market for Anomatic,” Ormiston said. “The different ACE designations provided me with the foundational knowledge to understand the manufacturing challenges of the products needed to support the market.”

Anomatic is a global supplier of anodized aluminum and has a strong 50-year history. The company provides a full suite of custom packaging solutions—from design through assembly.

As a leader within Anomatic, Ormiston said, “In addition to expanding on my experience and knowledgebase, I also wanted to gain insight that I could share with my colleagues, so that we can fine-tune Anomatic’s manufacturing processes and continue to remain an industry leader. The ACE program gave me an understanding of the processes that are critical to our manufacturing technologies, so we can improve integration with other systems involved in the total card manufacturing process.”

Ormiston agrees that continuous education is key to keeping up with industry trends and best practices in order to remain an industry leader. “As an ICMA member, I look forward to participating in upcoming technical trainings, which will help me remain at the cutting-edge of card technology and help Anomatic maintain its position as the preferred anodized aluminum supplier in the industry,” he added.

Upcoming blogs will continue to showcase the ways ICMA members are using their specializations to “ACE” the card industry.

ACE Eligibility
ACE applicants must work for an ICMA member company and have a minimum of two years of experience working in the card industry. Prior to the exam(s), David Tushie, ICMA standards and technical representative, guides members through an interactive session to prepare for the exam. Testing is conducted at ICMA events, including the EXPO and CardTREX events. Members can also hold group exams at their locations. For more information on training and exams, contact ICMA Headquarters at info@icma.com or call 609-799-4900.

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