What is ICMA

Keith_member-videoThe International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) serves the dynamic card industry and the various companies and organizations involved in manufacturing and personalizing these cards. Billions of cards fill pockets and purses throughout the world. As the complexity of card manufacturing and applications has increased, so have the production, standards, quality, security and environmental issues surrounding the cards. ICMA is a forum for education, networking, idea-sharing, and collaboration for all companies represented in the industry.

Our Mission
ICMA is a worldwide non-profit association of card manufacturers and personalizers supported by suppliers and other industry participants, which promotes the card industry and the value of its products and services providing an independent forum to speak for the industry.

ICMA at a Glance

  • ICMA is a global non-profit association of over 230 card manufacturers, personalizers, suppliers, issuers and other industry participants which promotes the card industry and the value of its products and services.
  • ICMA serves the global card industry which in 2016 manufactured an estimated 35.4 billion cards annually valued at $19.8 billion and personalized and fulfilled many of these cards for an additional service value of almost $7.55 billion, for a combined card industry revenue value of $27.35 billion.
  • ICMA members are based in more than 40 countries and they conduct business in nearly every country in the world.
  • ICMA officially participates in the two major standards organizations: the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).
  • ICMA hosts the annual Card Manufacturing & Personalization EXPO, a leading global conference and trade show dedicated to card production and fulfillment.
  • ICMA features the globally rewarding ACE Recognition program.
  • ICMA offers card manufacturing CardTREX regional events in an innovative, open-dialogue format covering diverse production topics.
  • ICMA publishes Card Manufacturing, an advertiser-supported trade magazine featuring industry and member news, product releases, standards updates, features and member/ACE spotlights.
  • ICMA produces two e-newsletters – weekly ICMA InBrief which consistes of industry/member news and monthly Inside ICMA with the latest association and standards news.

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