Basics of the Card Industry

Basics of the Card Industry

Please note that the ICMA CITE program is not meant to be a detailed learning guide on the intricacies of manufacturing a card but instead, a primary overview. ICMA’s goal is to enhance and expand on the program, with the CITE program designated as stage one. Periodically, we will expand on particular manufacturing processes as the program evolves to keep up with the latest industry trends and techniques. ICMA hopes that the program will prove to be a beneficial and indispensable tool for your employees.

A Personalization Tutorial is also provided as part of the CITE program. This tutorial provides a valuable overview of the concepts and processes involved in card personalization — taking the CITE program a step further in that area.

All material in the ICMA CITE program has been updated and augmented by Magellan Consulting, Inc.

Historical references from A History of The Credit Card Industry by Lewis Mandell
Glossary of Terms, courtesy of Card World Publications.

Module 1 Introduction to Card Technology
Unit 1 Additional Information  
Unit 2 History  
Unit 3 Card Markets  
Unit 4 Industry Scope  
Unit 5 Card Product Categories  
Unit 6 Card Manufacturing  
Unit 7 Materials  
Unit 8 Components  
Unit 9 Card Based Financial Transactions  
Unit 10 Industry Trade Associations  
Module 2 Introduction to Card Personalization Tutorial
Unit 1 Personalization: Basic Concepts  
Unit 2 Personalization: Data Recording Technologies  
Unit 3 Personalization: Machine Readable Recording Techniques  
Unit 4 Card Personalization Process