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Advanced Card Systems and Solutions, Inc.

1775 Route 34 South Suite D12, Farmingdale, NJ 07727, United States

Advanced Card Systems and Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the simple purpose to deliver exceptional customer service while bringing to market, innovative products and services to key vertical markets. We only represent industry leading manufacturers who share our same views, and with stocking warehouses in New Jersey and California we are logistically positioned to meet your supply needs.

Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables)

  • Lamination Plates & Pads
  • Chip Bonding Adhesive

Card Personalization Supplies (Consumables)

  • Tipping Foil
  • Indent Ribbon
  • Thermal Ribbon (Monochrome & Color)
  • Card Affixing Labels

Card Equipment Supplier

  • Card Personalization Equipment

Card Component Supplier

  • Magnetic Stripe
  • EMV Chip Modules

Affiliated Products/Services

  • Card & Envelope Counters

Member Type:

Manufacturer Representative/Sales Agent/Trading Company

Our Services:

Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables) Card Personalization Supplies (Consumables) Card Equipment Supplier Card Material Supplier (Film) Card Component Supplier

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