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No.1 Dongsheng Road, Andong Park, Economic Develop Qiaoto Village, Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, Quanzho, Quanzhou, Fujian, FUJIAN 362261, China

PVCPROD Company is a manufacturer with shareholders who have been in the PVC industry for the last 30 years. Because of the long term experience that we have in this industry, we have been able to supply PVC materials worldwide.
Our manufacturing base is in China, we are housing 6 calendars with a production capacity of 2,500 Metric Tons per month. We have qualified engineers and QA personal at each of our facilities to enhance the quality of our products and to make sure that production goes smoothly.

Our product range includes PVC Rigid Film, PET&PVC Transparent Sheet, Opaque Sheet for high quality manufacturing such as smart card and regular quality material for regular use. We can also produce to your specifications and alter our material to suite you and your customers needs. As we maintain a policy of the strictest quality control with regard to all our raw material and have close cooperation with the best resin manufactures Japan TOSOH and Korea LG, we are able to offer you the most reliable quality and the most competitive prices.
Our way of working is to supply a limited amount of people/companies, giving them the best prices in their market and building long-term relationships.

We would be happy to serve you.

Major Product Categories or Services Offered

Card Material Supplier (Film)

  • PVC core sheet
  • PVC coated film
  • PVC uncoated film
  • PVC core sheet
  • PVC inlay sheet
  • PVC coated film
  • PVC uncoated film

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Card Material Supplier (Film)

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Asia Europe Latin America North America MEA

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Over 500,000

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