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Seshaasai Business Forms Private Limited

9, Lalwani Industrial Estate, Katrak Road Wadala, Mumbai, 400031, India

Seshaasai is a tech solutions company that’s dedicated to making information a harmonious enabler of life experiences. From the very act of creating it, to the communications, security, privacy, and data integrity associated with it, to the final utilisation of it to make decisions and move forward.

Over the past three decades we’ve evolved from printing stationery to engineering solutions that lie at the intersection of security and innovation. Our methods have transformed but our goal has been singular — to help businesses adapt with reduced risk, greater speed, and increased capacity.

We are India’s largest card manufacturer and personalisation bureau and are approved by Visa, Mastercard & RuPay. Our solutions transcend Chequebooks, secure financial statements, cards, RFID, IOT etc.

The technology we use is cutting-edge. AI, robotic automation, big data, IoT and more have all been adopted by us, and we have no doubt that this list will grow to keep up with our rapidly changing environment.

Our solutions make efficiency front-of-mind for our clientele and simplicity front-of-mind for their endusers. At the end of the day, we’re not just adapting to the digital age; we’re shaping it to fit the needs of the individual, the business, the country, and the world.

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Card Manufacturer

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