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Thomas Greg & Sons De Colombia, S.A.

Carrera 6 No. 34-44, Santa Fe De, , Colombia

Thomas Greg & Sons de México is part of the multinational security printing group Thomas Greg & Sons. In 2013, TGS Cards Solutions was founded in the Mexico City area with the purpose of manufacturing and personalizing cards for the Mexican financial and ID markets. We now produce smart cards for over 25 different financial entities and IDs in over 10 Mexican states. We also manufacture polycarbonate cards for national ID projects in Central and South America. We are certified for VISA, Mastercard, and Carnet products under PCI, and also for ISO 9001 and ISO 14298 (Central Bank Level) standards.

Member Type:

Card Manufacturer

Our Services:

Card Manufacturer (With or Without Personalization) Card Personalizer (Service Bureau) Card Manufacturing Supplies (Consumables) Card Personalization Supplies (Consumables)

Regions We Supply:

Latin America North America

Markets We Serve:

Secure (Financial) Secure (Other) Non-Secure

Order Quantities We Can Provide:

Under 100,000 Over 500,000

Personalization Services We Offer:

Magnetic Encoding Chip Card Embossing Other Personalization Methods

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