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To become licensed, as a representative of the company, you must confirm that the company agrees to accept and abide by the ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program criteria and specifications. Please review the rules below and mark Accept if you agree to the terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions:
I confirm that as a licensee of the ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program, our company agrees to accept and abide by all of the rules, terms and conditions, and criteria as defined in the ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program Manual and the Indicators for the Environmental Impact of Cards. This refers to the most current version of these documents, which are posted on the ICMA website. This includes, but is not limited to, the following terms and conditions:

  • Licenses are granted to ICMA member companies in good standing and once licensing fee is paid.
  • The licensing fee applies to a card manufacturing company entity (separate licenses are not required for branch locations).
  • If an ICMA member company’s membership expires, their license will be revoked.
  • License fees are paid annually on an anniversary basis from the date the license is issued.
  • If a license is revoked or expires for either of the above reasons, the company must cease use of any EcoLabeling claims, logos or references on their materials.
  • Once approved as a licensee, the company may communicate that status to the marketplace. However, licensee status does not apply to individual card products, which must be registered on a per card product basis through the ICMA website.
  • Licensed manufacturers agree to abide by all EcoLabel Standard Program criteria and guidelines for the individual card products they register for an EcoLabel.
  • Licensed manufacturers will verify, on an EcoLabel per-product basis (see EcoLabel Usage), that a card product is in compliance with the ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program.
  • A licensee shall indemnify and hold ICMA harmless from and against any claims or actions brought against ICMA and any losses, damages, liabilities, or costs (including attorney fees) arising out of ICMA EcoLabel licensing and/or certification of individual card products if the legal action is the result of an action taken by the manufacturer or their product not meeting ICMA EcoLabel requirements.
  • On any cards produced by Manufacturer that bear the ICMA EcoLabel symbol, Manufacturer agrees to ensure that any environmental marketing language and/or non-ICMA environmental marketing symbols appearing on the cards comply with ICMA’s Indicators for the Environmental Impact of Cards document, as well as the standards contained within ISO 14021:2016. Manufacturer is solely responsible for maintaining copies of these documents and referring to them as necessary to ensure compliance on all cards bearing the ICMA EcoLabel symbol.
  • We are aware of the FTC Compliance information as described in the Program Manual
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