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Thank You for Attending CardTREX Europe

ICMA’s CardTREX Europe provided card industry business owners and production and technical staff with a robust educational and networking event from 22-23 October in Nürnberg, Germany.

The event predominantly took place at the Maritim Hotel but included a facility tour of Kurz in Fuerth, Germany, as well as an off-site networking dinner. ICMA would like to thank Kurz for opening its facility and sponsoring the off-site dinner.

The facility tour of Kurz featured demonstrations of hot stamping application on paper substrates (poster, packaging), injection molding and decoration of 3D parts and hologram application on PVC cards. Attendees also saw Kurz’s nine-color printing machine, as well as the company’s robot-handled tooling magazine for roto gravure printing cylinders in the facility’s production area.

Designed to provide attendees with an immersive learning experience about card business trends and opportunities in the European region, the CardTREX Europe educational sessions included:

  • Future of the Card in a Digital World by Jean-Louis Meyer of Entrust Datacard
  • Biometric Smart Cards: Ecosystem Momentum to a Mass Market Tipping Point by Art Stewart of IDEX Biometrics
  • The Future of Payments by Peter Stampka of Infineon
  • Trusted NFC: When Security Matters by Richard Aufreiter of HID Global
  • Sustainable Card Products by Barry Mosteller of CPI Card Group
  • Assessing the Environmental Impact in Card Manufacturing by ICMA Standards and Technical Representative David Tushie
  • What’s Really Behind the Green Approach for PVC Cards by Luca Castellani of Bilcare Research Srl

Attendees also met with exhibitors in ICMA’s signature Networking Zone, during which exhibitors promoted their latest products and services in a Speed Share session. Attendees voted on the best

ICMA would like to congratulate the Speed Share winners at this year’s CardTREX events.

Barnes International won the Speed Share session at CardTREX North America.

Oasys Technologies won the Speed Share session at CardTrex Europe.

ICMA would like to thank all of the companies that exhibited in the CardTREX Europe Networking Zone:

  • Barnes International promoted its card and contactless device personalization test tools and systems for scheme certification and QC testing, ISO and CQM test tools for magnetic stripe and contactless/dual interface, EMV training and consultancy materials and P3 data preparation systems.
  • Cardel promoted lamination plates, lamination pads, heat-activated chip adhesives and pre-laid mag strip on overlay.
  • Graph-Tech USA promoted its TotalMag magnetic encoding cystem and eZID- RFID encoding.
  • Oasys Technologies promoted its card production machinery.

ICMA is proud to be able to present the CardTREX events, as well as our annual Card Manufacturing & Personalization EXPO. The 2020 EXPO, Historical Success, Embracing the Future, will take place March 29 to April 1, 2020 at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida. Don’t miss this momentous occasion—it’s our 30th anniversary.

For more information about CardTREX North America and CardTREX Europe, visit For more information about the ICMA EXPO and to register for the event, visit